What Appeals to You Most When it Comes to Living with Less?

23 Jan
by Jenny, posted in Consumerism/Minimalism   |  12 Comments

Two weeks ago week I asked a simple question which received some terrific responses: What appeals to you most when it comes to living with less?

Below is a peek at what the Facebook community had to say:

what appeals to you most when it comes to living with less

And here are a few Twitter responses:

what appeals to you most when it comes to living with less

Many times we have simliar reasons for paring down. We want more freedom, security, meaning, peace and contentment. And sometimes hearing others’ perspectives helps us to solidify or alter our own ideas. Whether we agree with those around us, or simply enjoy hearing their views, having a community to share with is comforting.

And sometimes taking a moment to step back and remember why we’ve decided to live with less provides a renewed sense of dedication. It also helps to connect with others trying to achieve a simpler life. One effective way to do this is to connect with online communities that have similar goals. Having the support and inspiration from others swimming against the current of consumerism can be paramount to our long-term success.

I’m always thrilled to connect with you here, on Twitter (@exconsumer) or Facebook. Knowing there are others trying to muddle through life with a different set of goals than most is so encouraging.

More Inspiring Voices to Encourage and Motivate You

There are many minimalist/simple living voices and online communities that help keep me inspired, but the below four consistently lift me up. If you haven’t already checked them out, I would highly recommend the following:

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12 Responses to What Appeals to You Most When it Comes to Living with Less?

  1. Juanita

    Huge stress reduction all around.
    Money to buy quality versions of items you really will use/need.

  2. Carrie

    I just wanted to say thanks for this and especially for introducing me to 3 additional blogs to explore! I was wondering if you are familiar with The Minimalist Mom? I really enjoy her site also: http://www.theminimalistmom.com/
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi, an interesting read. I find the online minimalist community very inspiring and supportive. It’s great that you’ve recommended a UK blogger – Jo at Simply Being Mum. Our simplifying voice is getting louder here in the UK.

  4. Morgan

    I stand by my remark, freedom is gained when losing the things in the way. In todays fixed material world every thing blocks the way to living simply and finding happiness.

  5. Hmmm, I don’t even know why living with less sounds appealing, other than I feel like I am free-er. There are less things for me to think about and deal with and it provides ease to me…. Interesting article!

    • Hey Cassi,

      The appeal for me is definitely more freedom and less stress. If you continue down this path you’ll have so many opportunities to choose work and experiences you love throughout your life. I wish I would have gotten it when I was your age. :)

  6. I recently did the same thing. I refinanced my home and I also went and shopped again for auto and home insurance. I saved enough just on those two things alone to pay for my motorcycle loan. It’s like getting my Harley Davidson for free.

  7. Hey Jenny – Thanks for the shout out. I missed this when posted. It’s finally (yes finally) dawned on me that I’m not getting your post updates in my inbox. I’ll have to resubscribe! Jo

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