Thankful for A Perfectly Flawed Life

21 Nov
by Jenny, posted in Consumerism/Minimalism   |  7 Comments

I’ve never been a fan of white clothes. Not only do they lose their brilliance after several washes in our hard water, but wearing a crisp white shirt always makes me uneasy. White is unforgiving. Unrelenting even.

Like my clothes, I prefer a life enveloped in more forgiving shades of grey as well. It’s better to allow for some lenience as we blaze through our life journey.

Circumstances and people disappoint me far less often when I lower my expectations, practice unconditional acceptance and remain tolerant of differing perspectives and opinions. Expecting perfection will always lead to an illusion of lack.

This Thanksgiving I’m finding myself grateful for all the imperfections my life reflects back at me. Because despite the many flaws, I can see the growth and positive changes that have emerged despite the smudges and smears I’ve faced along the way.

I’m grateful for many, many things, but the following are a few that immediately come to mind:

  • Having all of my basic needs met, every day.
  • Being provided the privilege of an education.
  • Being part of a loving and supportive family.
  • Living in a country where I’m free to have opinions AND express them freely.
  • Having time for reflection.
  • Knowing I can change paths whenever I choose.

This Thanksgiving I hope you have the opportunity to take a moment and observe the blessings in your life. Your life doesn’t have to be flawless to be positively perfect.

And in case it doesn’t go without saying, black Friday is not part of the Thanksgiving holiday. I plan to opt out of purchasing anything the day after Thanksgiving like always. Instead, I’ll be enjoying leftovers and time with my family. We might even put up the Christmas tree and watch “Elf.”

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7 Responses to Thankful for A Perfectly Flawed Life

  1. It’s those flaws,imperfections, and smudges that represent the challenges of life……and.challenges cause us to grow as people. I love my life with all it’s smudges too. :) I will also be abstaining from Black Friday……it’s part of the’Occupy my bed’ movement. I’ll be sleeping in lol. Have a great Thanksgiving, Jenny!

  2. Sounds like MY black friday plans as well! I am not a big fan of anything having to do with it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy that family!

    • I hear you Marianne. It seems so counterintuitive to me that people go race other shoppers for a limited supply of crap the day after giving thanks for what we have. No wonder it’s a “black” holiday!

  3. This is a powerful and beautiful message :)

    I’ve been learning to let go of my perfectionist tendencies – and it’s liberating!

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