Combining Retirement Accounts

20 Apr
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Over the past 15 years, my husband and I have accumulated a total of four different retirement accounts. While one account is a 401k through my husband’s current employer, the other three are all managed through the same bank. Continue Reading

Spending Less of Our Spending Money

18 Apr
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We’re trying something new with our extra spending money. My husband and I usually transfer $500.00 each pay period into a separate checking account that we use solely for anything that isn’t savings or a fixed expense. For us this means things like groceries, personal care items, entertainment, eating out, etc. Continue Reading

Cheaper Hair Cut

17 Apr
by Jenny, posted in Money Honey, Saving More, Spending Less   |  4 Comments

Fine. I admit it. I’ve been getting $38.00 haircuts ($47.00 after a tip). Until today.

As you probably know by now, I’m trying to find ways to cut back — without suffering — so that my husband and I will be able to achieve financial independence while we’re still young enough to enjoy our freedom. Continue Reading

HSA Health Care Plan

15 Apr
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When my husband’s company significantly raised the premiums on the POS health care plan they offer and introduced an HSA health care plan, I was a little nervous. So far though, I love it. Continue Reading

Rolling up the Dough

15 Apr
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Last night and tonight I rolled most of the coins from a cup my husband keeps in the drawer of his night stand. I have to say, he was shocked when I told him how much I was able to roll up from the cup. $50.50! Continue Reading

Secondary Income

14 Apr
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The primary financial goal I’ve been focusing on over the past couple of weeks has been to generate a second source of income in addition to the primary income I receive from my full-time job. In fact, part of the reason for starting this blog is to help me track and share my progress achieving this objective. Continue Reading

Puffy the Stuffed Bunny

14 Apr
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It started when I was six. On a weekend trip to J.C. Penney, I begged and pleaded with my parents to buy me a $5.00 stuffed bunny. They, of course, said no — it’s too expensive. If I really wanted it, they said, I could save up my allowance and come back and get it when I had enough to pay for it myself. Continue Reading

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