How Will You Vote?

05 Nov
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There are more than two choices for the upcoming presidential election.

Most of us won’t even see the names of the other candidates until we go to cast our vote tomorrow. Unfortunately, only the two political parties with the most campaign funding typically make it into most American’s decision-making process.

Who do you think is funding those campaigns?

I have never associated with a certain political party and tend to base my voting decisions on the candidates running at any given election. But I’m always upset at how if we rely solely on the media and campaign advertisements to make a voting decision, there are really only two choices.

According to an article published in August in The New York Times, “This is the first presidential election since the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case removed the last barriers to campaign spending by corporations and other groups. Analysts are bracing for a tidal wave of money from rich individuals, companies and labor unions that could alter the political landscape and transform American democracy.”

So, we are really only presented with two presidential candidates based on their extraneous marketing budgets and the crafty positioning used to win certain segments of the population’s votes.

I would never suggest how you should vote. But I hope you’ll look into the other — less celebritized — presidential candidates running for office. They may better represent what’s important to you.

And I hope you do exercise your right to vote. Even if you feel that your voice doesn’t matter. If we give up, our voices will be gone all together.

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4 Responses to How Will You Vote?

  1. I hear you. I don’t care for either of the big two candidates. Maybe by voting independent or write-in our voice will be heard in a small way – I don’t like your corporate sponsored candidates.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  2. The thing is, there *are* only two choices who can practically win.

    The interesting thing though is that if another party were to get 5% of the popular vote this time around, they’d automagically get guaranteed federal funding for their campaign the next time around – and might have a good basis for legal action if they were excluded from the debates (being a candidate that’s federally funded and all).

    Personally, I’d love to see this happen. Since fundraising is probably the biggest part of campaign, this would actually give a third-party candidate a viable shot.

    That federal funding, by the way, was over 90 million dollars this last election cycle. Here’s a link about how all this works for anybody interested:

    (I normally don’t like dropping links in comment sections, but it’s not to my site and I get the feeling you won’t mind!)

  3. Because of the indifference that i have seen/heard by many about the two candidates this time around, I really thought that a third party would have risen up and gotten more attention, like Nader has in the past. I’m really surprised this did not happen.

  4. If I could have voted, my candidate would have been a 3rd party member. That being said, I didn’t have the ability to vote this election because I don’t turn 18 for another week. Sigh…

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