Guest Post from D (AKA: Anon) from Vagabonding (part time)

02 May
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The following is a guest post written by the fascinating Anon, AKA: D,  from Vagabonding (part time). If you’ve been reading Ex-Consumer for a little while, you’ve probably heard me mention the brilliant photography of D’s adventures showcased on his blog.

You also might remember his comments here — particularly the one about how the movie Fight Club literally transformed his life. It’s been a great pleasure to learn more about D and his world over the past couple months. I’m honored to present to you his very first guest post — written entirely from his iPhone while relaxing on a hammock.


D relaxing in a hammock.

I’m a big fan of doing things I’ve never done before. I’ll never grow, become a better human unless I try new things. I’ll give almost anything a shot once, see what happens and either incorporate it into my life, or decide it’s not for me, but at least I know for sure.

The only time I won’t try something is if it flies completely in the face of my own moral code. The question I pose when the possibility of a new experience is put in front of me – “Is this work?”

If it is, or even appears to have the qualities of work, I remind myself of my moral code, settle back and congratulate myself for staying true to my values.

I like Jenny’s page, and visit it frequently. I was lying in my hammock, checking it out this morning, when I saw that she likes having a guest post from time to time. Two thoughts came to me almost in the same moment. It became clear to me that not only was I low on cereal, but my oj was almost gone too. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the rules of marriage, all it takes to remedy this situation is a text to my sweet sweet wife informing her of my needs.

This never actually works, and I blame it on technology — somehow she’s not getting my texts.

Anyway, the next thing  I realized was that I’d never written a guest post before. I’ve just had a blog for a few months and I’m not a writer by any means and I’m sure this piece is a real nightmare to all you writer types, but stay with me as I probably have some excellent advice to impart at some point.

I ran the idea of a guest post through my moral filter and it failed miserably. However, the wonders of modern technology came to me again and I realized I could write it right on my iPhone, lying in my hammock and literally hardly even lift a finger. I went for it and can now cross writing a guest post off my bucket list. That is, if unlike texts to my sweet, sweet wife, this actually makes it through the Internets to Jenny’s inbox.

If I do see this post on Ex-Consumer at some point, I’m going to have to have a talk with my sweet, sweet wife about the rules of marriage (as I understand them, it’s pretty much do what your husband says). The more I think about it, the more I wonder if she might in fact just be ignoring my texts.

OK, on to the important part of my guest post – which will be an all encompassing look at how to have more money.

Find out how much you make, spend less.

Well that wraps it up for me, glad to have had this new experience. I’m not sure how you writers do it though, I didn’t even get halfway through my financial advice sentence when I decided that hammock living was indeed much preferred to the rigors of writing.

Especially once I figure out the technology problem that is disrupting communication with my wife.


I’m sure you’ll agree that D’s very tongue-in-cheek financial advice actually hit the nail on the head. And we now know that his wife was most definitely ignoring his texts. :)

D has given me permission to grab some amazing photos from his blog, Vagabonding (part time), for you to see. Below is just a small sampling of the adventures you’ll go on with him and his sweet, sweet wife when you follow their wanderings through the photos displayed throughout the site. D has even started writing some of his captivating life story (albeit begrudgingly) on his blog. Go check it out today!

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11 Responses to Guest Post from D (AKA: Anon) from Vagabonding (part time)

  1. sharon

    loved it, loved it, loved it!

  2. I love his humor… and I bet his wife is getting those texts, lol!
    And his financial advice, awesome. We try to complicate so many things and they really are simple.
    And I love his photography! Thanks for having him on and for sharing his work!

    • I know Bernice! I love the whole laid back, humorous vibe D has going on. And the photography…well you can see how phenomenal it is. :)

  3. yep great photos! oh and great advice too! ;) so simple, yet so difficult for most to understand.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. Cool to do something I haven’t done before and to be mentioned on your fine site, but apparently the internettes ARE working – it’s time for a family meeting tonight..

    • Ha, ha. Make sure you give us an update on your family meeting D. ;)

      Thank so much for sharing your guest post here! It was so hard to pull just a few photos from your site too. I had way more pulled, but decided I couldn’t showcase too many.

  5. Feel free to use photos anytime- if they inspire anybody to strap on a backpack and get outdoors, get in a canoe or on a bike, I’m happy. Just don’t go where I’m going- I’m trying to get away from you people.
    The family meeting didn’t go as planned- I had a few key points that needed addressing, but somehow at the end of it I found myself doing the dishes and vacuuming the house

    • Thank you so much D! I’m going to take you up on the photo borrowing offer. I’ll always link back to your blog and give you credit of course. Yours are the best photos I’ve seen.

      So, where are you located exactly? I was going to write a post directing readers to go to your house on the weekends so you could guide them on some fun excursions. Ha, ha.

      I had a feeling the family meeting was going to go down something like that. ;)

      • Tracy G


        D’s blog appears to be deleted. I hope he is okay, with his feet up in a hammock somewhere.

        I’m glad you saved several of his breathtaking vagabonding photos here.

        • Hi Tracy. Yes, sadly D has decided to stop blogging for the time being. He sent the following final message to his subscribers right before he deleted his fabulous blog:

          “I used to care, but things have changed”

          Bob Dylan – Things have changed.

          Gonna take a break from the blogging scene. I’ve come to the decision that (at best) it isn’t really improving my life in any way, and (at worst) it’s a bit narcissistic of me. No matter where in that spectrum it actually falls, I feel like it’s wasted life sitting in front of this screen.

          Wishing you every success, I hope all your dreams come true.

          Unless those dreams are fame and fortune- I wouldn’t wish that on anybody :)

          In closing, throw out your tv and spend more time outside. If we’re lucky, we’ll run into you somewhere out there.

          So he is fine, he’s just decided to stop blogging for now. And yes, I’m so happy I can still see a small sampling of the brilliant photos he let me use here before he pulled the plug!

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