Friday Favorites!

01 Apr
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Hi there. :) A lot has happened this week, so in addition to my Friday favorites, I have a few other quick updates you might be interested in reading.

Guest Post at So Much More Life

Yesterday Gip from So Much More Life ran a guest post I wrote for him about ditching my dishwasher. If you haven’t read it yet, you can pop over and check it out. As always, your comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

New Facebook Page for Ex-Consumer!

I’ve just started up a Facebook page just for this blog. If you’re on Facebook, I would be absolutely thrilled if you hopped over and “liked” my new page.

Guest Posts for Ex-Consumer

You’ll notice a new menu option on my blog today titled “Guest Posts.” I welcome guests posts from my readers! If you have a story to share about any of the topics listed on that page, I would be happy to post them here at Ex-Consumer. If you’re interested, you can check out the page for more details.

My Readers Rock

I had a really difficult time choosing my favorite reader comments this week. Words can’t properly express how grateful I am for you and all of your thoughtful and insightful comments. You are the reason I stay with this blogging business. Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving your comments. You are awesome. Seriously.

Favorite Five Blog Posts

Here are my five favorite external blog (and one vlog!) posts for this week — in no particular order:

  1. Bernardo – Your Great Life TV: The 2 Fastest Ways to Consistently Break through Fears – If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing any of Bernardo’s vlogs yet, prepare to be inspired!
  2. David – LiveFeelBreathe: Finding Greatness: Free E-Book - If you sign up to receive free email updates from Live Feel Breathe, you will receive a free E-Book. I read it last week and found it to be very inspirational.
  3. Faith – Minimalist at Home: Minimalism is My Diet – Faith wrote a great and insightful post about minimalism as a way of life rather than a destination.
  4. Meg – Minimalist Woman: Blooming Where You’re Planted in the Universe – Meg wrote a beautiful post about how she would like to radiate light onto others.
  5. Gena – Ha Nui Loa: Guest post at Care One: Adventures as a Non-Consumerist in a Consumer Driven World – I love Gena’s views on consumerism and this post really resonated with me.

Favorite Five Reader Comments

Here are my five favorite reader comments for this week — in no particular order:

  1. Tracy G. in response to Decluttering and Making Money – Tracy provided a really helpful response for how to calculate the cost of energy usage.
  2. Marianney in response to Decluttering and Making Money – Marianne shares some of her experiences trying to sell items.
  3. Selena in response to Decluttering, Minimalism & the Need for Control – I like how Selena got me to think of my “kicks” as passions.
  4. Deb in response to Decluttering, Minimalism & the Need for Control – Deb provided all kinds of amazing insights through her string of comments on this post!
  5. Gregg in response to Decluttering, Minimalism & the Need for Control – Gregg validated my control issues in his comment. Ha, ha. Seriously, though, he had a great perspective on my post.

Again, it was incredibly hard to only choose five reader comments this week. There were so many amazing comments and I appreciate every single one of them. Thanks again for another great week everyone!

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19 Responses to Friday Favorites!

  1. Cool, made the list! Thanks Jenny…enjoy your Friday…

  2. Jenny,

    Thank you for listing one of my vlog posts in here. I appreciate all you do to promote my work and I am happy to share ideas that make sense to you. Un fuerte Abrazo dear friend – Bernardo

  3. meg

    Wow! Thank you, Jenny :) I’ve been having a great time reading your blog and am terribly flattered to make today’s list!

  4. You have had a busy week! Keep up the good work. You’ve had lots of great comments on your guest post at So Much More Life, and they’re still coming…

    • It has been a busy week Gip! Whew. I’m looking forward to some downtime this weekend. Thanks again for the guest spot at So Much More Life! :)

  5. Great list and thanks for adding me to it :)
    I liked your page! You have been so productive, I am feeling like I’ve gotten nothing done lol!

  6. oh yeah and Gena’s post at Care one was one of my favorites too!

    • Thanks for liking my Facebook page Marianne. You Rock!

      It has been an unusually productive week. I’ll be slacking off a bit this weekend for sure. ;)

      And yes, Gena’s post over at Care One was fantastic!

  7. Hi Jenny,
    thanks so much for mentioning my blog.

    I am very happy that you found my new ebook to be inspirational. Hoping that it will help people to find greatness in their lives and the courage to make a difference in this world.

    • You are very welcome David. Thank you for access to your inspirational E-Book! I love that it’s a quick read, but packed full of inspiration. Your quote was my favorite out of all of the quotes you included. And the exercise was short and simple, but full of meaning. Really nice work. :)

  8. Wow Jenny! This is GREAT! I love how you summarize things in bite sized chunks that even I can digest (ha ha). Love it!!!!

  9. I loved your guest post… and left a comment! And I’m now a fan on Facebook. Your blog is so much fun, Jenny. :)

  10. Hi

    Nice to see that you do actually get tired like the rest of us :-)

    I want to die free. Probably like you, free from financial worry and free to choose my experiences.

    • Hey Deb! Yes, I definitely get tired. I usually need 8-8.5 hours of sleep every night just to recharge. I know that’s more than most.

      And nicely said. Free from financial worry and free to choose experiences. That sounds like the way to live and die. Ahhh.

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