How Will You Vote?

05 Nov
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There are more than two choices for the upcoming presidential election.

Most of us won’t even see the names of the other candidates until we go to cast our vote tomorrow. Unfortunately, only the two political parties with the most campaign funding typically make it into most American’s decision-making process.

Who do you think is funding those campaigns? Continue Reading

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

16 Jul
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A recent power outage in my area that lasted up to nine days for many people prompted me to begin assembling an emergency kit of sorts. I realized that my family doesn’t keep any nonperishable food, and we never stock extra water. It’s become clear to me that having some basic supplies in case of an emergency is important.

There were so many great suggestions on my last post from many of you about what to keep in case of an emergency. Thank you!

In talking with others, I’ve discovered most everyone keeps some kind of emergency supplies.¬†I know it can get out of hand (my cousin was telling me about her friend that has three years of dehydrated food stored!). But having at least a few days worth of food and water for you and your family just makes good sense. Continue Reading

Cash and Wine Giveaway

23 Sep
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supersize your savingsIt’s Supersize Your Savings Friday again folks! We’re getting down the wire here with only two Fridays left (including today) to enter the contest.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to allow me to give something back to this community that has given so much to me.

When you enter, you receive a chance to win a cash giveaway for $100 or a one-month membership to The California Wine Club! Continue Reading

Stop Consuming, Start Creating

27 Jun
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There is a happiness and contentment that sets in when you stop trying to fill the discontent in your soul by consumption — and instead focus your energy on creation.

Consumption : the utilization of economic goods in the satisfaction of wants or in the process of production resulting chiefly in their destruction, deterioration, or transformation.

~As defined by Merriam Webster

Consuming as a past time doesn’t contain the sustenance necessary to keep us satisfied for long. We never quite get our fill when our main objective in life is to consume by upgrading our possessions. We upgrade our car, our house, our job, our clothes, our TVs, etc., etc., etc.

As soon as we obtain the latest object of our desire, our sights are set on the next *thing* to upgrade. Of course this means our energy, time and resources will be allocated to our next upgrade as well. We never quite make it though, do we? We upgrade, decide what our next upgrade will be…and round and round we go.

Creating, on the other hand, allows you to tap into the part of yourself that is uniquely you. As if that’s not motivation enough to make creating a priority in your life, consider that creating also allows you offer something of meaning to the world. This is something consumption can never do.

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